Which is the Best Type of Cycling Clothing?

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Up until recently, cycling clothing was often the subject of much derision because of its tight-fitting and loud, bright colours! These days with so many more people out there riding, it has quietened down though. There isa wide range of styles of cycling clothing on the market, and things such as designs in colour can vary from the very sober to the more outlandish.

If you’re looking at choosing some new cycling clothing, you ought to first consider what kind of cycling you will be doing and will it be on a regular basis and then seek out what options are available for your particular needs. Remember that special moisture-wicking fabrics will definitely assist you in keeping dry and comfortable, and are quick-drying for any longer rides.

Lower Torso – Leading Edge Shorts

The reason whyprofessional cycling shorts tend to be tight-fitting is because ofany excess material will cause chafing on the thighs, hips, and buttocks. This kind of cycling clothing needs to fit snugly to the body for aerodynamics and comfort purposes, and has extra soft padding to protect the buttocks and other sensitive parts from constant rubbing contact with the bicycle seat.

If you are considering cycling shorts, check outthe multi-panel short designs, as these willprovide you with a tighter and snugger fit. Check that the seams have not been put anywhere that are likely to cause any chafing, as that will definitely lessen your comfort. If you don’t fancy yourself in a pair of tight-fitting cycling shorts, you can opt for baggy shorts that contain a tight-fitting insert with a concealed pad.

Upper Torso – Jerseys

Other favourable cycling attire includesa range of grand looking cycling jerseys, gloves, jackets, arm warmers, and even socks. These popular jerseys are manufactured from moisture-wicking materials and can be worn tight fitting or otherwise. Most dedicated cyclists are more than likely to opt for tight-fitting cycling jerseys for the simple reason that they will not be flapping about in the wind, plus are also aerodynamic.

However, there isanother breed of cyclists, (especially mountain bikers) that like to wear baggy jerseys for their comfort. If possible, choose a jersey with some pockets which are specially designed to hold things such as a repair kit, an extra tyre tube, food, or even spare clothing. As you may have noticed, some good looking designs feature a full length zipper at the front, which greatly helps in assisting with ventilation.

And Not Forgetting

Yes, even socks have become an important part of a cyclist’s clothing! Choose a pair of moisture wicking socks to help feet to remain dry and comfortable. If you are looking to ride in cold weather, then go for the wool-synthetic blend socks to keep your feet nice and warm and dry in the worst of weather. A decent cycling jacket or vest is also a very great idea as well, especially ones that are water resistant and breathable.

Bet you never thought there was so much going on in a cyclist’s clothing arsenal!

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