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Love solving the crossword puzzles, but hate when you do not crack the clues easily? It isn’t always easy to solve a crossword puzzle. A brainstorming session is a must before you get all the answers correctly.  However, the following are some tips to get crossword puzzle answers easily.


Remember the fill-in-the-blank format during the school days. Weren’t they the easy ones? FITB helps a lot while solving the crossword puzzle. They will give you the simplest of the clues and can be easily found in the list. Once you are able to figure out a single one, the next clue becomes easier. First, look out whole crossword puzzles and think that you will get something or not whether you can find the solution. Read the clues and find it in which category it belongs to.

Check the 4 and 5 letter words:

Check the grid wherein 4 and 5 lettered words are there. There aren’t many words in this category, hence it is easy to find. Since, the numbers of words in this category are few; the chances of these words getting repeated are high. Hence, you can get crossword puzzle answers easily.


You cannot be logical all the times. Sometimes guessing work helps. All you can do is temporarily write down the word using a pencil and erase it if it is wrong. If there are any uncommon letters, try to get an answer for it. Once these uncommon words are sorted out, the rest would become easier.

The Clue rules:

The clue would be written in the same parts of speech as would be the answer. Thus, you can think about it and answer it accordingly.

Multi-word answers:

There are high possibilities that the answer is made up of multiple words rather than a single word. There could be some common phrases, movies, songs, books and so on amongst the clues.  A short answer can also be made of 2 words. For example: MOUNT and the answer is Go Up.

Take a break:

There are times when the mind doesn’t work after a certain point. You might want to crack that last clue and finish your crossword, but that single clue is leaving your crossword puzzle incomplete.  Some person loses their hope and patience so they will get the solution with the help of internet. The solution is near to you and all you can do is take a break for few minutes and come back little later. This will help you to think afresh.

Use the above mentioned tips to solve the crossword puzzle in a short span of time. Challenge your friends once you become an expert and you will surely enjoy the victory. I hope this article guides you for how to answer the puzzles in a simple way. For beginners, it may seem to be tough but when you start to follow these tips and you will find more tips on your own. All the best for your effort and enjoy to learn new things.

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