College Football In Georgia

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College football in Georgia draws huge crowds and is televised around the nation for people to watch. The oldest surviving college football rivalry takes place in Georgia, between Auburn University and Georgia Tech.

Tickets are always in high demand, so it makes sense to buy college football tickets as soon as they go on sale.

What Makes This Rivalry So Special?

The two universities have a rivalry dating back to the time that they were founded. This extends to all sports, not just in American football. Both sides have gone through periods of dominance, with Georgia leading the series 57-55. Currently, Auburn is on a three-win streak dating back to 2014. Georgia Tech last enjoyed a spell of dominance when they won three games back-to-back between 1998-2000.

Players who perform well in these games by scoring touchdowns or throwing winning passes become instant heroes to the people at their college. Some players who perform well in this game might not go on to become professionals but they will be remembered for years to come.

In the weeks leading up to the games, both universities attempt to create as much interest in the game as possible.

Who Can Attend The Games?

The majority of people who attend the games between Auburn and Georgia Tech are college students. They go to the game dressed in their university colours (Auburn students wear red and black, whilst Georgia Tech students wear white and gold).

Members of the public can also attend the games, but as mentioned earlier tickets sell out quickly so it is a good idea to buy some as soon as they appear online for sale.

The Atmosphere Inside The Stadium

The atmosphere inside the stadium is extremely raucous and lively since people are extremely passionate about the side they are supporting.

The students sing songs and trade insults with the other college, and many people unfurl banners or paint the letters of their university on their bodies. The animosity between the two sets of supporters is referred to as “Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate”.

Auburn are nicknamed the Bulldogs, whilst Georgia Tech is known as The Yellow Jackets.

This creates an exciting backdrop for the action which is happening on the pitch. The games between these two sides are often full-blooded affairs with heavy tackles. The players know how important this game is and they are keenly aware of the history.

Although the teams play other sides throughout the college football season, they rarely challenge for the top honours. This means that they are more focused on beating each other than trying to win the college football championship.

Are There Other College Football Teams In Georgia?

Other college football teams in Georgia include the Southern Eagles, Kennesaw State Owls, Mercer Bears and the Savannah State Tigers.

The rivalry between Auburn and Georgia Tech is unrivalled in college football, so going to one of the matches is essential.

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