How to Land a College Athletic Scholarship

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If you have athletic talent, it’s up to you to ensure you get the proper exposure. Without it, you risk never being discovered by college coaches. If you’re serious about getting a full scholarship for Rutgers masters in social work, then you should consider going after an athletic scholarship. No scholarship guarantees a full-ride in college, plus there are only certain sports that offer four year scholarships, like men’s and women’s basketball and women’s volleyball.

The key to obtaining a scholarship for college is to be recruited by a college coach. It takes more than just having great talent to be seen and selected. Use the following tips to improve your chances of recruitment into a college sport.

College Athletic Scholarship

Be Consistent and Proactive

Hopefully, you already have a list of schools you want to attend, along with the emails and phone numbers to their coaches. If so, you should be very proactive in reaching out to them. If after a few weeks you haven’t heard anything, then give them a call. Leave a message if you get their voicemail. You should attempt to reach out to the coaches up to three times. If you still don’t receive a response, then continue on to other schools.

You shouldn’t rely on email either, try handwriting a letter to the coaches for an added personal touch. This may help you stand out from the technologically-driven youth of today.

If you do get in touch with the coach, don’t wait around for them to invite you. Bring it up on your own and see what the coach says.

Show Your Personality

A part of the recruitment process is assessing your character. Coaches like to recruit sports players who have a good personality, heart and characteristics. Whenever you get a chance to meet or talk to a coach, allow your personality to shine through. Avoid one-word answers and give full-fledged responses.

Don’t Cold Call Coaches

As a rule of thumb, you should first write or email the coach before giving them a call. Your message should include details about who you are and why you’re reaching out to them. This will help make the call run smoother, since you won’t have to waste time telling them about yourself.
Conduct All Communications Yourself

Remember, you’re the one that’s being recruited, not your parents. You may be used to your mom and dad doing everything for you, but now is not the time to be nurtured. This is your future at stake and coaches are looking to talk to you. You should be the one managing all communications to and from the coaches. Your parents are there only for moral support.

Send Highlights from Varsity Games

You don’t want to send coaches highlights of your junior high games. Make sure your compilation videos are highlighting recent games on a varsity level. You can upload this content on YouTube to help generate buzz as well. Make sure to include a link to your highlight videos whenever you email the coaches your resume and information.

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