Choosing the best Squash Racquets for a smooth gaming experience

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One of the most interesting games that have gained much popularity over the past few years is Squash. This indoor game is played within a four-walled court with opponents, either with a singular opponent in singles or with two opponents in doubles. A small and hollow rubber ball is to be hit against the wall with a squash racquet. Since the ball hits again the wall, the direction of its return is unpredictable. Hence, it is often loved by many players.

About the squash racquets

However, when you are thinking of playing this sport, it is a must that you buy the best squash racquets. There are a number of companies that design and manufacture this sports equipment. But, all of them are not good ones. The world no. 1 player, Jonathon Power, who has won the PSA 36 times in his life, has understood the need for the best squash racquets. Hence, in collaboration with one of the leading sports equipment manufacturing brand Harrow Sports and with a multi-year sponsorship with this company, he has brought forward the Jonathon Power series of Harrow squash racquets.

How to choose the best squash racquets?

the best squash racquetsWhen you think of choosing the best squash racquets, the name of the brand alone does not matter. There are a number of factors that you need to keep in mind as well. However, with brands like Harrow squash racquets, it becomes assured that these factors will well be kept in mind in design and form.

• Weight:

The most important factor that needs to be kept in mind is the weight of the racquet. The lighter is your racquet; the better will be your performance in the game as it is easier to run and hit with the light weight racquets in fast games like squash.

• Balance:

]For different strokes, different balances play an important role. There are even balance racquets, racquets with head heavy balance or racquets with a head light balance. In the case of lightweight racquets, the balance is even. This makes backswing difficult. For that, you need a head light racquet.

• Shape:

There are different shapes available in the market. Even the Jonathon Power series from Harrow Sports, including Power Turbo, Power Spark, and Power Vibe, all have different shapes. The shape of the racquet must be chosen as per the preference of the player.

• Grip:

There is round grip, and there is the rectangular grip. A player can choose what he or she may like. Moreover, grip wraps can be added to give the racquet a light head feel, despite being an evenly balanced racquet.

Where to buy them from?

Now that you have known about the squash racquets and the factors you need to keep in mind when you purchase them, you need to choose the best place to purchase them. There are many sites that sell the Harrow racquets for squash with a discounted price. Just choose the best place and you will get great options at hugely affordable and discounted price.

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