Are the Browns Ever Going to Win Another Title?

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For those who love the NFL, each new season brings hope that their respective team will make it all the way to the Super Bowl, culminating in a season where they hoist one of the most prized trophies in all of sports.
Now, imagine if you are a fan of the Cleveland Browns. Well, it doesn’t hurt to be hopeful, right?

For the Browns (one of but a few teams to have never won a Super Bowl), the wait in between championships has been long and painful to say the least.

Winners of the 1964 NFL Championship (pre-Super Bowl era), the Browns have not even made it to a Super Bowl. Although they came close a few times, luck seemed to be about as much on their side as it has been for the Chicago Cubs of MLB. Simply put;bad luck would best describe things.

So, as the 2016 NFL season gets going with pre-season games before the regular season kicks off on Sept. 8, what chances do the Browns have of making it to and winning the Super Bowl this time around?

If you ask a fair number of Cleveland fans, most will tell you that they are somewhat optimistic that this season’s team will do well, though many others are probably saying something else under their breath.


Losing Breeds Losing

When the losses pile up for teams such as the Browns, it can be hard after a while to feel anything but pessimistic.

Whether it was John Elway (The Drive) breaking their hearts or Earnest Byner (The Fumble), Cleveland fans have come to expect heartbreak sooner or later. Toss in the recent Johnny Manziel experiment that proved to be a disaster, yes, Cleveland backers have reason to be disappointed.
For those individuals labeling themselves a fan of sports blogs, the word around the nation on the Browns is typically never all that positive.

While some blogs encourage the team in orange and brown, others quite frankly ridicule the team that would love to bring Cleveland its first NFL title of any kind since 1964.

Before Cleveland fans give up hope on the season that has not even officially kicked off, keep in mind that the Cavaliers had never won an NBA crown until this season. Then again, the Browns do not have LeBron James on their team.

Even though every team starts out undefeated, many Cleveland football fans usually figure on their team being out of the AFC North race by about Halloween, a day that ironically celebrate the color orange.

Between players who have come and gone, coaches who have come and gone, even management types changing hands over the years, the lack of consistency has been one of the biggest negatives with the Browns.

For things to change anytime soon, Cleveland will have to put together some winning seasons, encourage free agents to actually want to come and play for the Browns, and make it so opponents (especially in the AFC North) truly fear playing Cleveland season after season.

Although no one will come out and say it, most teams likely circle the Browns on their schedule each and every year, figuring a trip to Cleveland or hosting the Browns is all but an automatic win.

Is This the Year?

cleveland-brownsIn looking at Cleveland’s schedule this season, one does not season the best of times ahead, though anything is certainly possible.

While the schedule certainly can’t be labeled as the worst in the league, the Browns find three out of their first four games on the road.

When the calendar turns to early October, Cleveland gets a home date with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Yes, the game will certainly put people in the seats, but how well can the Browns do against one of this season’s Super Bowl favorites?

One silver lining is that only four of Cleveland’s opponents this season were playoff teams a year ago. Okay, when you are the Browns, you hang your hat on just about any piece of good news you can get your hands on.
So if you are a fan of the Browns,then you must approach the season like you do all the other ones.

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