Google Immediate Release On Hub Version 2

The second device is still using the name OnHub. The difference, he worked with technology companies from Taiwan, Asus. Broadly speaking, OnHub second model has features and specifications are not much different than before. Physical design is no different. OnHub latest version also features the 13 antenna, which consists of six antennas frequency of 5 GHz, 2.4 GHz six antennas, and an antenna called “congestion-sensing”.

The latest antenna is used to keep the smartphone or tablet users can still get the best signal and speed of the router. “Just like the first router, OnHub Asus comes with Wi-Fi is faster, easier to be set, and simple settings through the application Google On”

Google Wave Control Feature
Which is to be a differentiator, OnHub Asus comes with a feature called Wave Control. By swinging or waving at the top of the device, the router will prioritize or increase the speed of the Internet to a specific device. It is still unknown how the system determines which device will be prioritized. Apparently, users can set their own through Google applications On. For those who already bought OnHub previous generation, Google also announced that will release a software update. The update will include a new algorithm that is able to select the best combination of WiFi antenna to the device, based on the location and orientation.

OnHub new Asus will be sold at certain stores in the US and Canada. The device will be sold at price 220 dollars

The World’s Smallest PC using Windows 10

Computers are increasingly smaller. Once the market is crowded with a miniĀ pc, now there is another interesting addition. InFocus, an American electronics company, has announced the launch of Kangaroo. With a length of 124mm, width 80,5mm and 12,9mm thick, Kangaroo is the smallest portable desktop computer in the world, roughly the size of a mobile phone.


It comes with a detachable unit, this device is supported HDMI port, one USB 2.0 port, one USB 3.0 port, and DC power port. Weighing only 200 grams without adapter and power cord, and features a fingerprint sensor Windows Hello. This computer is powered quad-core Intel Atom Cherrytrail x5-Z8500 clocked 1,44GHz, with Burst frequency 2,24GHz. Other features include 2GB LPDDR3 RAM, and a 32GB eMMC, which can be expanded through microSDXC card (up to 128GB) if need more storage.

In it there is also a battery, which can keep the device working for four hours with “standard usage”, this PC also has a Micro-USB port for charging. Software, Kangaroo running Windows 10 and have 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. What is the price of this PC? Kangaroo on the sale of US $ 99 and is available for purchase starting today at Microsoft said it will start selling these pocket computers at Microsoft Store starting in mid-November.

For those who have never used a Windows device this small size, it is his advice: do not expect to handle tasks you like high-end graphics intensive games. However, you can do web browsing, playing casual games, and watch full-HD video files without a hiccup.

This 10 App Drain Your Battery Quickly

Feeling battery or storage on Android phones quickly exhausted? The cause may be 10 applications in this list. AVG reveal what applications are the most voracious battery power and storage on Android smartphones.

AVG research that tested 200 million Android phones that shows the Facebook application as one of the most drain the battery, while the application of the Google Chrome browser was also spending a lot of space.
According to AVG, most applications that consume a lot of battery power when the device is running Android Start-up, are Facebook, Google Play Services, and Facebook Page Managers.
Other applications consume the most battery power is fuel, Instagram, Facebook messenger and chat applications Samsung ChatOn.
While in the category of applications run by users themselves, snapchat is in the first position for the affairs of greedy power. Following the UK Amazon shopping application, Spotify, and LINE.
Samsung WatchOn, Netflix, and Clean Master was also included in the category of applications that wasteful batteries according to AVG, as can be seen below.

List Android battery eater appĀ from AVG

Applications that spend a storage area at start-up, is Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Page Managers, and Google Play Services in it.
In addition there is Skype, Google Search, words with Friends, Tango, and We Chat.
While the application is spending a storage area which is run by the user himself is Spotify Music, followed by Chrome, Aillis, Line, SoundCloud, TripAdvisor, and snapchat.
AVG testing the application using Cleaner AVG and AVG antivirus for Android.